PİKAP İĞNESİ, AUDIO TECHNICA ATN-3600 Daha büyük görüntüle


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■ Replacement needle for stereo turntable system "AT-PL300" model
It is a replacement needle "ATN-3600L" for the stereo turntable system "AT-PL300" model of audio-technica. 
The stereo turntable system "AT-PL300" is a simple fully automatic playback player that makes the life of listening to records a matter of course. 
It's a player that anyone can use easily because all you have to do is set a record and press start.
The replacement needle for this player model is "AT-PL300".
If the needle tip of the cartridge wears, it may damage the record, so it is best to replace it with a playback time of 400 hours as a guide. 
Since it is a cartridge, it can be easily attached and detached when it is replaced.

■ Stereo turntable system "AT-PL300"
Anyone can handle it with confidence with the fully automatic playback player. 
Furthermore, with the built-in phono equalizer function, you can listen to records by connecting to speakers even when there is no device with a built-in phono amplifier, and you can enjoy well-balanced playback in addition to amplifying electricity. 
Furthermore, in order to improve sound quality and durability, aluminum die-casting is used for the turntable to suppress unevenness during rotation and reproduce with stable and clear sound quality. 
In terms of design, it is a product with a round shape that drops the corners and enhances the interior.

■ Japanese audio and video equipment manufacturer "audio-technica"
audio-technica was established in 1962 as a manufacturer specializing in cartridges for record players. 
Currently, we are working on microphones, headphones, AV accessories, etc. for the general public, and microphones have a track record of adoption at the world level such as the Olympic Games and Grammy Awards. 
Headphones have the second largest market share after Sony, and in the AV accessories field, we produce connection cables that are particular about materials such as cartridges, record-related equipment, oxygen-free copper wire, and titanium-blended coating materials. 
Furthermore, for commercial use, we mainly manufacture and sell commercial audio equipment such as semiconductor lasers for optical pickups in optical disk drives, wireless microphones for karaoke, and headphones for new music listening devices. 
We also handle food processing equipment such as sushi rice balls, seaweed rolls, and rice ball making machines.